The purpose of Touchstone Life Care is to bring meaning and joy to individuals and their families facing death, by removing fear and providing tools for preparation, compassionate caring, and supported grieving. 

We bring real meaning to ageing and dying

But at Touchstone Life Care, we know ageing and dying can also bring real meaning and purpose. Not only to our own lives, but to all the ones we love. Sharing our values and being honest with each other creates deep connections. It helps us live better every day.

Some people die well, the way they want.

Some people die well, the way they want. They may be surrounded by loved ones. Others die lonely, or not the way they wanted. Planning ahead helps prevent the latter. It means that when the time comes, we’ll be free to focus on who and what is most important to us.

Everyone deserves to make decisions about their medical care

We believe in spending our days as we wish and on our own terms. We believe people shouldn’t become caught in a system having choices they don’t want to be made for them. Everyone deserves access to information and support to help them make decisions about their medical care well before the time comes to act.

We help people discover the power of love and connection

We believe that caring as a family and as community members awakens us to greater possibilities of love, joy and connection every day of our lives.

Helping people to discover the intimacy and power of love and connection, especially around ageing and dying is our purpose.

Every human being deserves peace of mind and dignity 

We collaborate with medical, legal and culturally diverse teams so people can lead lives of legacy, with the peace of mind and dignity every human being deserves.

The way we’re doing this is through Advance Care Plans.

After finding out about your values and wishes with our questionnaire we recommend you also check with your doctor or lawyer about special requirements for witnessing, or additional forms specific to where you are in Australia or the world.