An Advance Care Plan needs to be made when you are of sound mind. If someone has dementia then it is too late to complete an Advance Care Plan. They may say and do things that are not in alignment with their usual personality and that is one reason why an Advance Care Plan written by someone with dementia is not valid.

How to plan if you have dementia?

So what can you do if you have dementia and want to make plans for future care? You can appoint an Enduring Guardian to make lifestyle, health and medical decisions for you when you’re not capable of doing this for yourself. In this case an Enduring Guardian would make medical decisions for you if you lose the capacity to do so. You could otherwise appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney for Health Decisions. You may still be able to make decisions for yourself about a range of things, including your medical care if you can show that you have capacity to do so. Watch our video with Speech Pathologists here to learn more about capacity, eating, memory and what you can do ahead of time ,

When discussing medical issues with someone who has dementia please remember that they, like you, are probably stressed, confused and not their normal self. It is a difficult time for everybody.

Plan now for peace of mind

So please, everyone – start your Advance Care Plan now and update it whenever you need to. Do this before you get a disease or dementia. And if you have dementia in your family, encourage your loved ones to complete their Advance Care Plan. It’s never too early!

For more information about Advance Care Plans and to get started, click here.

For more information about Advance Care Planning and dementia, click here