No matter what you call it- an Advance Care Plan, Advance Care Directive, Management Plan , or a Living Will, all your patients aged 18 + ( and even some less than that) will benefit from a regularly updated Advance Care Plan based on medical information, and discussed ahead of time with you and with their family.

But how can you fit all that into your busy day?

Touchstone Life Care’s FREE systemised Advance Care Planning tool with a world first interactive questionnaire, does it for you .

We provide pages of simply worded medical information and address all the legal requirements for an Advance Care Plan.

For example, in the body of the document, your patient must set out the medical treatment they want to be administered, and refused, in different circumstances. Such as when they are sick and expected to return to normal functioning , or sick and not expected to normal functioning.

They should also list the types of treatment they might accept or refuse in each circumstance. These options include blood transfusions, renal dialysis, ventilation, artificial feeding methods, life sustaining treatments such as CPR,  Hospital delivered IV antibiotics.

They should define what level of functioning constitutes an acceptable or unacceptable quality of life for them. And whilst there is no mandatory form to use; any Advance Care document must be dated, the person must be mentally competent, they must complete it voluntarily (ie not under any coercion) and consider their state of health now as well as in the future. It should also name one or more Responsible Person(s) or Substitute Decision maker(s) although this is not necessary.

A witnessed signature may add weight to the document’s validity because the witness can verify, if necessary, that the person was mentally competent and not coerced. But this is becoming less important.

Talking with your family, loved ones, or GP is becoming more important. So prompt your patients- what is in your Advance Care Plan? Do all your family know? Have you said the same things to them all? What should I know?

Your role in the TLC process should not be about the forms. You are the expert with the information and guidance to help your patients make a good decision, and to assist them to talk about their preferences with their family.

Let Touchstone Life Care do the work you don’t have time to do. We provide a simple, easy to use FREE Click, Share and Talk tool to create a valid, comprehensive, personalised plan for your patient.

Our automated reminders, and secure storing, sharing and accessing of  ACDs minimises family conflict and guides the treating medical team to act in accordance with your patient’s wishes during a sudden deterioration or crisis.

After answering as much of the questionnaire as they can at home (this usually takes 15 minutes or less) your patients will be encouraged to obtain more medical information from you if necessary, then share their completed plan with you , with their Responsible Person, and with their loved ones.

No more one-off secret appointments with a solicitor, or illegible scribble amongst a few generic tick boxes.

No more plans gone astray because the Emergency Department  could not contact your patient’s family, or Residential Aged Care Facility, or your clinic, to get a copy of the plan you’ve agreed on.

Touchstone Life Care believes in quality of life, personal autonomy, avoiding conflict and stress, and keeping the patient at the centre of the decision making.

And while we know it’s a good idea for your patients, why not spend a quick 15 minutes here to get your own affairs in order?

Then you’ll know for yourself how quick, easy and FREE  it is to use.

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