Both my parents died from smoking. My mother died from emphysema and my father from cancer.  So I became a Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes Specialist to prevent this happening to other people. Since then I’ve helped several hundred people quit smoking, and here’s what I’ve found to be the seven biggest benefits they have said they received after quitting smoking.

1.  Better health – now and in the future

Knowing that their health both now and in the future has improved and will continue to improve due to being a non-smoker is powerful. They lose the fear that they are growing the risk of death from smoking related diseases such as heart attack, cancer, stroke or emphysema. Did you know: in the 12 weeks after quitting, your lungs regain the ability to clean themselves. Within 12 months your risk of heart disease has halved!

2.  Breathing is so much easier   


Everyday activities are so much easier and more enjoyable when you are a non-smoker. You will have an abundance of energy and vitality to do all the things you want to do. You will feel happier, healthier and more alive. Now able to walk up a hill without huffing and puffing and becoming breathless.


3.  Living longer     

Newly non-smokers are more hopeful that they’ll be around to watch their children and grandchildren grow up. They also know they won’t be a burden on their family due to smoking related problems. Smokers lose on average 14 years of their life. Then there is the agony and extreme discomfort of heart disease, cancer and emphysema. They are relieved after stopping the Russian Roulette with their life. They don’t have to hope to be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t die from smoking related diseases.

4.  In control of choices

They are no longer wasting their time and money while destroying their health with the cigarettes that in the past had control over them. They are no longer a slave to cigarettes. They gain peace in their life. The chains that kept them in the cycle of addiction to cigarettes are now gone.  They are in control of their choices and in control of their behaviours and life.

5.  Money


Holidays are often high on the list of what people spend the huge amount of money they save as non-smokers. A one pack a day smoker wastes over $10,000 per year on cigarettes! Imagine the wonderful things you can do with all that extra money. You’ll no longer cringe when handing over the money for cigarettes.       

6.  Free to socialise

My clients relish being able to go where they want to go and be with who they want to be with. They plan their day according to what they want to do, not around where and when they can smoke. They no longer feel like an outcast.

7.  Smelling fresh again

My non smokers love smelling fresh and clean again. Also, they’re no longer worried whether people can smell the smoke on them (they usually do whether you do or not). They’re free from the worry of having to hide the smell of cigarettes. They’re free from the shame of being smokers – they can breath fresh air for life.

So these are the top seven benefits my clients have found from quitting smoking. Guess what? Money was not number one on the list of benefits! What we know for sure is people realise they can always make more money, but they cannot always get their health back, nor the years lost to smoking.

Get ready to quit cigarettes

Human beings do not like to experience pain and love to experience pleasure. So it makes sense to focus on the benefits of being a non-smoker when trying to quit. To help you get ready to quit cigarettes (or anything else you are wanting to quit), write a list of benefits and advantages of quitting. Your list will fuel your desire to be free, and help you through the process of quitting.

Lynda Petterwood is passionate about helping people enjoy life by being healthier and happier. To learn more visit her website