The skin of an elderly person is fragile. When there is a tear or break in the skin bacteria can enter. It’s important to dress the skin break immediately to promote healthy healing and prevent ulcers.

Infected ulcers can become cellulitis which is an area of pain, swelling, and redness in the skin. Diabetics are more at risk of infection and need to be extra careful whenever they tear their skin.

Signs of potential infection are pus, redness, or odour.

This quick video shows you step by step how to look after a break in the skin.

How To Care for a Break In the Skin

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Wash the area with sterile saline or cooled boiled water with a little bit of salt
  3. Gently try to place the skin back into place to cover if possible
  4. Dab gently. Don’t rub hard
  5. Cover with a non-stick dressing
  6. Waterproof dressings can stay on for 5 days
  7. Consult a nurse practitioner or General Practitioner especially if a diabetic.

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