Please- everyone, complete your Advance Care Directive early and update it regularly, before you get a disease or dementia. If you have dementia in your family, encourage your loved one to complete their ACD well in advance of when you think you might need it. And do your own! Talk to your doctor to get as much information as you can about the nature and progress of the disease, so your choices are informed.

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An Advance Care Document or Directive is made when you are of sound mind. If you or your parent has dementia then it is too late  to complete an Advance Care Document, Plan or Directive. In this case an Enduring Guardian would make decisions for you, or them. A person with dementia can be easily irritated, aggressive, shocking, and non cooperative. They may say and do things that are not in alignment with their usual personality and that is why one reason why an ACD written by someone with dementia is not valid.  When discussing issues with your parent or loved one with dementia please remember they, like you,  are probably stressed, confused and not their normal self. It is a difficult time for everybody. Very tiring, and as a carer you need time out for yourself.

One especially helpful things to do if you think you are likely to develop dementia is to prepare a memory box, with important and favourite photos  and memorabilia inside it, to help stimulate memory.  This can be on an ipad or even better- check out for a unique personalised piece of jewellery that you can scan all your photos and memorabilia onto, using a QR code.  Just like an old fashioned locket but with alot more memory.