Clexane Injections and Preventing Blood Clots

This video shows step by step instructions of how to give Clexane Injections to prevent blood clots.

A blood clot is a lump that forms usually in the lower part of the leg and it can cause smaller clots to break off and go the heart or lungs.


Clexane Injections

Your doctor will give you a prescription for the Clexane injections which you pick up from the chemist.

Store in a cool dry place  with other medications-it does not need to be in the refrigerator.

The Clexane injections come pre-packed and pre-loaded with the correct amount.

The needle comes already attached.

Give the Clexane injections daily with morning medications.


There are 3 sites to give the injection into the upper leg, stomach or upper arm.

You do not need to wear gloves wash your hands before and afterwards.

The stomach is easy to access and easier to give the injection into.


How to inject Clexane (Enoxaparin) into the stomach.

  1. Expose stomach area, there is no need to swab the area first
  2. Open the Clexane injection packet
  3. Take the grey top off
  4. Pinch a small area of stomach between your thumb and forefinger
  5. Place the needle all the way in at a 45 degree angle
  6. Press the plunger all the way in
  7. Carefully dispose the needle in a sharps bin
  8. No need to put pressure on the area afterwards.
  9. Rotate the site from one side to the other side each day