Oral Hygiene & Mouth Care

Mouth hygiene is very simple but extremely important for preventing bacterial infections that begin in the mouth.

An early indication of bacteria in the mouth is bad breath.

Patients who are on oxygen or are mouth breathers can develop bad breath.

Saliva helps kill the bacteria that normally live in our mouths and prevents them spreading.

If your immunity is low or your mouth is dry (for example when using oxygen or not drinking enough) you will have less saliva and therefore it is harder to kill those bacteria.

Here are step by step instructions for daily mouth hygiene and care

  1. Buy mouth swaps from the chemist.
  2. Open the packet and remove mouth swab
  3. Dip in a glass of water until it is moist
  4. Rub the swab around the mouth, teeth, gums and tongue
  5. Swab the mouth 3 times a day
  6. Use lip balm three times a day for dry lips.
  7. Encourage drinking water to help with dry mouth.