Pressure Area Care & How to Prevent Pressure Sores

A person staying in bed for a long time is at high risk for developing a pressure injury.

This can be anything from a red area to a break in the skin.

Pressure sores can develop on heels, knees, coccyx, spine, shoulder blades, ears, elbows and any bony area.

If a bed is low you need to look after yourself and your own back. Kneel with one leg on the bed.

This video shows how to perform Pressure Area Care & How to Prevent Pressure Sores

  1. Put a pillow between their legs,
  2. Fold one patient’s arm over their body
  3. Place your hands on the patients on hips and shoulder blades and roll them away from you.
  4. Inspect the skin for redness or broken areas from foot, heel, knee, buttocks area, spines, shoulder blades ears and elbows.
  5. Roll the patient on to their back .
  6. Place your hands on the patient’s hip and shoulder blades and pull them towards you
  7. Inspect the other side of their body.
  8. Repeat every 3 hours in the day and night.