We asked carers, nutritionists, and Nursing Directors from Aged Care Facilities their experienced opinions about what makes a good Residential Aged Care Facility.

It’s a lot more than just numbers of staff. It’s about personalised care.

Here’s what you need to ask to really find out what makes a good Facility. And if you don’t get satisfactory answers to these questions, say ‘Thanks but no thanks’  and look elsewhere.


1.How do staff manage residents who want to get up earlier/later or go to bed at a different time?

2.How do staff find about and provide for personal things that contribute to residents’ wellbeing?

3.What activities are available that can contribute to a residents’ sense of purpose ( particular in dementia areas?)


4. Are residents allowed to take risks, for example going for a walk or making themselves a cup of tea

5. What is available to eat in between regular meal times and is what is available nutritious?

6. Is there interaction with local community members of various ages to provide social connection, and a chance for the residents to give back?

7. What about pet visits?

8. Do you provide good access for family and friends to visit? Show me please

9. Do you provide easy access to outside for fresh air and sunshine? Show me please

10. Are there outings and bus trips, shopping options, hairdresser, etc

11. Are the meals made on site? Make sure you visit your potential facility or care centre at meal time – are the meals appetising?

12. Is there flexibility with menus and times of eating? 

13. What help is there for residents who need soft foods?

14. Can the resident (Doctor approved ) consume alcohol, have a drink with dinner or a favourite beverage?



Here are more questions you can ask about costs and services of Residential Aged Care facilities and information you should find out about quality