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We are on a mission to make End of Life Planning a positive and powerful journey and we believe everyone deserves a personalised Advance Care Plan that reflects their personality and lifestyle wishes

Touchstone Life Care

The Power of Positive Planning with Touchstone Life Care.


We believe End of Life Planning should be a positive and powerful journey – no matter your age or state of health. That by creating an Advance Care Plan, you can bring comfort to your loved ones when they need it most.


By removing the stigma around death, we seek to bring families closer together. And in doing so, help to create deeper bonds through the creation of lasting memories based on celebrating life as it happens.


Our hope is that through the power of positive planning, you will find a new purpose and greater focus to the life you are living now. That in taking the time to consider how you want to leave this world, your connection to it will be stronger.

Meet Dr Merran Cooper

Dr Merran Cooper is a registered medical doctor and physiotherapist. With decades of experience in the healthcare sector she believes dying is a time of transitioning where deep healing and transformation can occur if we let it. Touchstone Life Care is helping this happen for many people. Merran knows what it is to care- she cared for her husband through his illness and death when they were both 23. She has completed training as a Death Doula and wants us to talk more openly about the mysteries and practicalities of death, what we do medically, as a community and in our individual spirituality. She believes in the power of love, tenderness and humour – in death as in life.

Whether you need simple privacy with your loved ones or multiple carers in your home, she wants your health care preferences to be respected in an Advance Care Plan.

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