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Your Final Wishes Safe and Secure Online

Touchstone Life Care is an innovative online service that facilitates the creation of your own Advance Care Directive, also known as Advance Care Plan. Our user-friendly wizard will guide you through the process. Easy, fast and surprisingly stress-free.

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Live with Honour... Pass with Dignity!

Your Final Wishes Safe and Secure Online

Touchstone Life Care is an innovative online service that facilitates the creation of your own Advance Care Directive, also known as Advance Care Plan. Our user-friendly wizard will guide you through the process. Easy, fast and surprisingly stress-free.

Live with Honour... Pass with Dignity!

Terminally Ill?

Your plan is important

Capture your Advance Care Directive for Life and Dignity. Your Final Wishes Online. Create your own Free Advance Care Plan Now. Safe and Secure.

Terminally Ill?

Senior Citizen or in Palliative Care?

An Advance Care Plan is Essential

An Advance Care Plan is essential for Your Peace of Mind Dignity and Legacy. Prepare your secure and personal plan here.

Senior Citizen or in Palliative Care?


Make your personalised Advance Care Plan with our quick and easy questionnaire.



SHARE with your GP and loved ones. Your wishes are secure and easy to access when needed.



LIVE happily with peace of mind and confidence that you have planned a better future for you and your family.

Power in your hands.

Peace of mind that you will be cared for the way you wish.

Confidence that your wishes are clear and legal.


The best kind of insurance for your family.


Dignity and respect if you cannot speak for yourself. 


Your wishes easily and quickly accessed in an emergency.


Less confusion and conflict for your family.


Change your mind whenever you like.


Secure storage of your plan.


Fully automated system to save you time and worry.


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Safe and Secure

We store your info in a secure service and share it only with the people or services you name.


You Stay In Control

Things happen in your life. Decisions change. Update your plan whenever you want and instantly replace old versions. There’s no out of date copies lying around.


Always Accessible

We keep your info up to date. And easily accessible when it’s needed by the people you trust. 24/7. Anywhere around the world.

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Here's why more people are using Touchstone Life Care...

Yasmin Davar, Sydney - 18 July 2018 -

My mum nearly lost her life last year. Her aged care facility gave a copy of her Advanced Care Directive to the ambulance staff, but it got lost somewhere along the way.

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Touchstone Life Care Features

the following Advance Care Plan solutions


Complete Process Online

Easily complete the entire process online. No more crumpled paper or illegible writing.


Innovative, Automated, Online Platform

The only automated, online platform for Advance Care Directives worldwide.


Expert Designed

World first, expert designed questionnaire with alternative scenarios and treatment options to consider.


24/7 Access

Edit, update, and resend your medical wishes at any time.


Medicolegal Glossary

Medical and legal terms made simple.


Simple To Share

Better decisions made on your behalf. No more misplaced documents or delays.

Used all over the world

Wherever you live or travel in the world Touchstone Life Care helps you get the care you want. Send your plan to whoever you choose, according to the legal requirements of your country or state.


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Common Questions

What is an Advanced Care Directive (ACD)?

An Advance Care Directive is like a letter to your loved ones and to your doctors, telling them the medical treatment you do or do not wish to have at the end of your life. Different people, states and countries use words such as Advance Health Directive or Living Will. With Touchstone Life Care you can prepare your individual document tailored to you, and then send it to your GP, family or solicitor according to the requirements of the state you live in. Whatever you call it, in general this document must be dated. The person must be mentally competent. It must be completed voluntarily (ie not under any coercion). The person signing should consider their state of health now as well as in the future. An Advance Care Directive is not a will. In Australia it does not require a solicitor, and it doesn’t talk about funeral and burial arrangements.

Does it cost anything to create my Advance Care Plan?

It is absolutely free to complete your Advance Care Plan with Touchstone Life Care. You will also have free lifetime access to edit, update and share your ACD as many times as you want, plus free lifetime access to all our on-line resources, videos, and updates.

Because TLC is lifechanging. 

And everyone deserves it.

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How does an Advance Care Plan or Directive differ from a Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardianship

In Australia, A Power of Attorney appoints someone else to act on your behalf in financial and  administrative affairs only. They can do this if you are sick, overseas or unable to look after your own affairs. It stops having effect if you lose your mental capacity and is invalid after death.

An Enduring Power of Attorney appoints someone else to act on your behalf but continues if you lose your mental capacity.

Enduring Guardianship  appoints someone to make decisions on your behalf about medical treatment and quality of life issues. There is no directive or document from you about your wishes.

Where there is both an Advance Care Directive and an Enduring Guardianship, the wishes in the Advance Care Directive over ride the Enduring Guardianship.

I live in Australia. What are the requirements for my Advance Care Directive to be legal?

Requirements vary state to state.

Click here for in depth answers End of Life Law in Australia.

What is important to know is that all states have reciprocity and accept Advance Care Directives written elsewhere.

Also all states agree that if you have stated your wishes clearly and shared them with your trusted people in advance, your Advance Care Directive is valid.advance

In NSW your Advance Care Directive can be written in any form and does not require signing or witnessing. Simply use our platform to send your completed Advance Care Plan to your GP and trusted people and you are finished.

In other states, we suggest you complete your Advance Care Plan and send to your GP, then discuss with them any additional requirements to be added if necessary.

It is easy to sign and witness the front page if necessary.
End of Life Law in Australia is a fabulous resource for all your legal questions.

I live outside Australia. Can I still use Touchstone Life Care to plan and share my wishes?


No matter where you live in the world, you can still use our free and easy self assessment questionnaire to find out what you feel about life’s most important questions.

You will receive a PDF document tailored to your personal wishes of the medical care you do and don’t want, ready to send to your doctor, loved ones and whoever else you need to complete the legal requirements for your country or state.

You are also able to use our platform to edit, update, and resend at any time you choose. As many times as you choose.

About Dr Merran Cooper, CEO of Touchstone Life Care

MBBS BSc MAdmin Dip Ed

It's no accident Touchstone Life Care's initals are TLC.

Merran is a medical doctor, a physiotherapist, a certified Death Midwife and a teacher.

She has decades of experience in the healthcare and education sectors. 

She cared for her husband through his illness and death when they were both 23 and knows the difficulties yet poignancy of caring for someone at home. 
She believes in the power of love, and humour- in death as in life.

And she knows TLC can be life changing.
Whether you need simple privacy with your loved ones or multiple carers in your home, she wants your health care preferences to be respected.

And she wants your life to be your best life, all the way.

Read more about her personal story...

I began my medical training at Sydney University aged 50. Thirty two years after gaining entry straight out of school. In those intervening years, I cared for my husband Mark who died from acute leukemia and had a “good” death despite a horrific illness and treatment regime.

After his death, I was a Sports physiotherapist and designated Olympic Athlete Provider. And I cared for my best friend Jane, who had a debilitating neurological disease. I was so affected by her strength, bravery and positive attitude that I decided to study medicine after all.

Just before my first semester began, Jane died. She gave me blue pearl earrings and I wore them to every exam and to my graduation.

I now work as a doctor in NSW and every day I see people and families without Advance Care Directives. They deprive themselves of some of the most loving and healing conversations. Our medical technologies and treatment regimes can deny these things to our dying patients too, even if that is not the intention.

Dying is not failure. It is a time of transitioning where deep healing and transformation can occur, if we let it. My hope is that Touchstone Life Care will help this happen for many people.

TLC-it's life changing.



Plan. Share. Live.

Make a plan of your wishes. Share it with those you love and live the best life. All your life. Your family will thank you for it.


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