About Touchstone Life Care

Our Mission

Our mission is to give power to people to choose the medical care they want for a dignified authentic life.

Why We Exist

Our purpose is to revolutionise end of life care by promoting values based decision making, compassion, and effective digital Advance Care Planning. 

Our Vision

Our vision is that every Australian is prepared for ageing and dying, so they can enjoy the things that matter most.

What is an Advance Care Plan?

Advance Care Plan, also known as Advance Care Directive or Living Will, is a document which tells others about the quality and type of medical care you would prefer at the end of your life. In a medical emergency your plan will guide your family and doctors to care for you the way you want them to.

It’s easy to complete the questionnaire and share it with people you trust. Your final wishes are safely and securely stored on Australian Servers and you can easily edit and share your personal Advance Care Plan (ACP) with your family, friends and other important professionals such as your GP and Solicitor.

About Dr Merran Cooper

Dr Merran Cooper is a registered medical doctor and physiotherapist. With decades of experience in the healthcare sector she believes dying is not  failure. It is a time of transitioning where deep healing and transformation can occur if we let it.  Touchstone Life Care is helping this happen for many people. Merran knows what it is to care- she cared for her husband through his illness and death when they were both 23. She has completed training as a Death Doula and wants us to talk more openly about the mysteries and practicalities of death.  She believes in the power of love, tenderness and humour – in death as in life.

Whether you need simple privacy with your loved ones or multiple carers in your home, she wants your health care preferences to be respected in an Advance Care Plan.