Advance Care Plan

Why do I need an Advance Care Plan?

To protect the future for you and your family.

If you’re unable to speak for yourself, those making decisions need to know what you would want.

Not planning means you’re risking getting care against your wishes.

If you don’t plan for the care you want, who will?

What is an Advance Care Plan?

Advance Care Plan, also known as Advance Care Directive or Living Will, protects the future for you and your family, so you can live with peace and dignity from today. It tells others what is important to you and the medical care you would prefer at the end of your life. In a medical emergency your plan will guide your family and doctors to care for you the way you want them to.

We make it  easy to complete the questionnaire and to share it with people you trust. Your final wishes are safely and securely stored on Australian Servers and you can easily edit and share your personal Advance Care Plan (ACP) with your family, friends and other important professionals such as your GP and Solicitor.

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How it works

Register for an account. It’s free and secure and gives you access to create your own Advance Care Plan.

Discover what medical treatment you do and do not want with our simple to complete personalised questionnaire .

Share your Advance Care Plan quickly and easily with family, friends, GP and / or your solicitor.

When will Advance Care Plans be used?

If you are in a medical emergency or diagnosed with life threatening illness and unable to voice your decisions. An Advance Care Plan can be referred to by your family and doctors to ensure that decisions made for you are in line with what you want and based on your quality of life choices.


Terminal illness


Life limiting conditions



Serious accident and unable to communicate

Fragile or prone to recurring accidents


Old or aging

Living with pain

Requiring assisted care

Nearing end of life

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