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Education & Resources

As part of our commitment to help transform the end-of-life experience, we’ve created a complimentary course of training materials to help you get the most out of our software and to gain a solid foundation of understanding of Advance Care Planning. 

To get started, watch our introductory video and then download each of our Educational Training Modules listed below at your own pace.

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Advance Care Planning Education Modules

Understand the legal, medical and interpersonal considerations of Advance Care Planning.  Each of the downloadable handbooks below is focused on a specific topic that helps to provide a broad understanding of the ACP process.

Introduction to Advance Care Planning, its benefits and core components.  

Understand the legal considerations around creating an Advance Care Plan.

Learn about what it means for someone to be named as a Substitute Decision Maker.

Covers the medical considerations upon which an ACP may be based.

Strategies to open lines of communication and start conversations around plans.