A simple conversation could mean the difference of dying with grace and not as you want. Hear how to start the conversation.

For Residential
Aged Care

Touchstone Life Care – advance care plans that can be accessed instantly by scanning a QR code.

Digital TLC Advance Care Plan

Advancing care directives

Gain an enviable reputation, reduce staff stress and easily meet your compliance obligations with Touchstone Life Care's digital advance care planning service.

We know how busy you are. There’s daily care responsibilities, COVID, mandatory reporting, staff shortages and system fatigue. There are so many urgent needs clamouring for your attention that it’s tempting to put something like advance care planning on the back burner.

That’s risky, though. You can almost guarantee that someday soon one of your consumers will experience a medical emergency and fast decisions will need to be made. Is your advance care planning system up to scratch?

“My dad moved into a residential aged care facility in January and they lost his advance directive 5 times”

Advancing care directives

Touchstone Life Care’s Advance Care Plans are
versatile and intuitive

Touchstone Life Care streamlines advance care planning, trains and supports staff, and means everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

TLC Advance Care Plan

You'll meet Requirements for Royal Commission Recommendations 66b and 68 and Aged Care Quality Standards 1,2,3,7 and 8.

Scan QR code

Enable instant access to a person’s most up-to-date advance care directive anytime, anywhere (using QR code or remote login).

Touchstone designed as a guided conversation making it easy to answer questions

Are standardised and easy to use for every state across Australia i.e nation wide residential aged care providers can use the same form in every facility in every state.

TLC Advance care plan

Are translatable (simple English).

Can be used for residents with or without email address.

Include additional end-of-life documents e.g. family or GP care plans, medications, allergies.

TLC Advance care plan

Are available on demand for ambulance transfers.

TLC Advance care plan

Include time efficient workforce education.

TLC Advance care plan

Evidence shows advance care plans reduce ambulance transfers and hospital admissions.

TLC Advance care plan

Evidence shows advance care plans shorten hospital stays.

Advance care planning in residential aged care facilities

Your facility is required to have advance care planning in place under the Aged Care Quality Standards. If you don’t have a process in place, you may face costly sanctions and risk your accreditation.

It’s hard though. You know the limitations of a paper-based system – outdated copies, misplaced files, plans that get lost in transit. You also know that some digital systems are clunky and won’t let you share the document, meaning you have to fall back on a printed copy, which then gets lost…

You need a better solution, one that:

Better solutions

What is that solution? It’s the Touchstone Life Care Advance Care Plan.

Touchstone Life Care's Advance Care Plans

Touchstone Life Care provides a digital advance care planning service that gives your organisation compliance above and beyond what is currently legislated, and brings certainty to your consumer, their family, your staff and management.

The only Advance Care Plan that meets everyone’s needs