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At Touchstone Life Care we keep things simple.

We add value to your clients’ products and services, by helping them earn revenue, meet their ACQS Standards and offer best practice care and support.

Care providers and estate and financial planners use our software to create unique and personalised advance care plans for their clients that are available instantly, 24/7 worldwide by QR code.

Touchstone Life Care

Why Should You Consider Integrating
Touchstone Life Care?

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How Can Touchstone Life Care Work For You?

Touchstone Life Care provides a digital advance care planning solution that gives your customers the opportunity to earn additional revenue, meet compliance needs and offer best practice care and support.

Even better, your customers will appreciate that you have chosen to work with a brand who is trustworthy, caring, up-to-date and offers best practice for success.

What Does Touchstone Life Care Bring to the Table?

Kept securely online and complies with all privacy requirements.

Privacy compliant cloud storage with all data kept on Australian Servers that are ISO 27001 certified. This means you don’t have to stress about data.

TLC Advance Care Plan

Revenue for you and your providers.

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Uploads to My Health Record.

Easy integration that is a dream for you and your customers.

Select your plan

An easy to use web app that provides a memorable value add for clients, who will appreciate this personalised service.

Accepted wherever you are in Australia.

It is legally accepted as a Common Law Advance Care Directive wherever you are in Australia

TLC Advance Care Plan

Peace of mind that you’re providing quality person-centred care. This will help your business qualify for government packages.

TLC Advance care plan

Our easy to use and access web app allows carers, family members, professionals and clients to all remain on the same page about crucial information regarding a person’s wishes.

TLC Advance Care Plan

All training provided. There are no complicated tech skills required. The digital plan can be accessed from anywhere and updated at any time.

Scan QR code

No more lost care plans on pieces of paper.

What is the cost?

Like all good things, the pricing for the platform is based on your unique business needs.

To tailor your solution, the best way is to book a discovery call with our team, so you can see our software in action and we can learn more about your needs. To get the ball rolling now, fill in the form below.

Don’t miss out – your providers and customers will thank you.