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6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Health

Getting Older? Getting Worried? Remember – your health is your best asset. But chronic diseases eg osteoarthritis, low back pain, diabetes, and frailty don’t have to mean early death or disability. If you are willing to make changes – no matter how small – you can improve your health.   1. Don’t stop moving, even […]

The 5 Most Important Things to Know for Your Heart Health

Statistically, your heart is the most likely thing to kill you. Unfortunately it’s the single biggest preventable killer of Australians. But if you give it some attention, you can rapidly change from risking an early death to extending your time here on earth. You won’t just live longer – your whole life will be better. […]

How to Manage Oxygen, Breathlessness and Shortness of Breath

Often people want to help care for someone but just don’t know how or what they should do. Patients who are in bed for long periods of time are prone to pneumonia and therefore shortness of breath. If they become restless, agitated or confused it can be because of lack of oxygen in their blood. […]