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Over 60 but too young to fall? Think again…

Even if you think you are too young to be considered a falls risk- anyone over 60 should be maintaining or improving muscle strength, eating enough protein, and exercising for mental health.

Touchstone Life Care: Our Beliefs regarding an End of Life Plan.

Considering an End of Life Plan? Touchstone Life Care is an organisation built on a passionate belief that everyone – young or old, healthy or sick – deserves the opportunity to create an Advance Care Plan that will provide you the dignity you deserve when you need it most.   We believe in:   Connecting. […]

10 Things you Can Do Today to Prevent Falls

So many changes creep up on us as we age.  We become tired, dehydrated, and can’t react as quickly to things like a change in floor surface, a rug, a step we didn’t notice, or wet or uneven floors. Extra medications often mean side effects such as balance disturbance. Our vision is worse at night.  […]

Living Life Without Limits or Regrets

Particularly towards the end of life, it’s important for people to have control over how they live their life. Most people want “a good death”. Perhaps a good death is really ‘a death of one’s own.”  Everyone will do it differently.  Everyone will have different wants and needs. For those people who have “a good […]

Advance Care Plans are paving the way for Digital Health Care

What is digital health care? The phrase ‘digital health care’ can sound scary. Especially when we’ve lived an entire life of having all our health care done in person. After all, the aim of medicine ought to be human-centred. But put them together to make human-centred digital healthcare and the future’s looking bright.   Everyone […]

6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Health

Getting Older? Getting Worried? Remember – your health is your best asset. But chronic diseases eg osteoarthritis, low back pain, diabetes, and frailty don’t have to mean early death or disability. If you are willing to make changes – no matter how small – you can improve your health.   1. Don’t stop moving, even […]

7 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Aged Care Facility

Creating an Advance Care Document

Deciding on a Residential Aged Care Facility is an incredibly tough, yet very important decision to make. People often find themselves overcome by the options, and without the guidance to be able to make an informed choice. Here are the top seven things to consider before choosing an aged care facility.   1. Have you […]

The 5 Most Important Things to Know for Your Heart Health

Statistically, your heart is the most likely thing to kill you. Unfortunately it’s the single biggest preventable killer of Australians. But if you give it some attention, you can rapidly change from risking an early death to extending your time here on earth. You won’t just live longer – your whole life will be better. […]

What’s on? Groups to join, Events to attend, Festivals to be festive

If you’re keen to know more about ageing and dying well, or just want to join like-minded people there are many organisations, events, conferences, plus some other fabulous resources we are keen to share with you. Make it easy on yourself and invite your friends and family to go along with you. Or meet new […]

Life with No Limits- regardless of age, gender, or disability

As we get older, our bodies may not be or do what they used to. Watch and listen to the amazing, Unstoppable  Tracy Schmitt who talks with Dr Merran Cooper about the importance of taking risks, even when you don’t know if you can do it. Staying optimistic, passionate and determined no matter what life brings your […]