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Touchstone Life Care: Our Beliefs regarding an End of Life Plan.

Considering an End of Life Plan? Touchstone Life Care is an organisation built on a passionate belief that everyone – young or old, healthy or sick – deserves the opportunity to create an Advance Care Plan that will provide you the dignity you deserve when you need it most.


We believe in:



For many, dying brings new purpose to their lives. Like the opportunity to bring loved ones together and create lasting memories. We are dedicated to helping you create an Advance Care Plan so that you can provide peace of mind to your loved ones now and get on with living life in the present.



We are all different and have different visions of our end of life. When it comes to medical treatments, we all deserve the right to choose our own path. That’s why we have created a simple, quick and secure way of tailoring an Advance Care Plan that reflects who you are.



It is only natural for people to spend as much time as possible living in the moment. Unfortunately, Death plays by its own rules. Taking the time now to consider your end of life plan – by preparing a tailored Advance Care Plan – means you will avoid leaving your loved ones and doctors to make the hardest decisions about your care on your behalf. 


Peace of Mind.

We work with leading legal, medical and cultural professionals globally. This ensures we offer you a flexible, secure and legal way of communicating your wishes about future medical care. As a starting point, review our Frequently Asked Questions section to understand what an Advance Care Plan with Touchstone Life Care means and does.

After working through your values and wishes with our questionnaire, speak with your doctor and/or lawyer. Discuss it with them and cover off any special requirements for witnessing – or additional forms that may be required.