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Living Life Without Limits or Regrets

Particularly towards the end of life, it’s important for people to have control over how they live their life. Most people want “a good death”. Perhaps a good death is really ‘a death of one’s own.” 

Everyone will do it differently.  Everyone will have different wants and needs. For those people who have “a good death” it is usually because their death is their own. Authentic. So how do they do this? How can you prepare for a good death?


Don’t deny it

Unfortunately, many people are too scared to talk about death and avoid talking or even thinking about it. This has the consequence of missing the opportunity to say goodbye, to make your peace, to make meaning out of your life and to tell your loved ones you love them. So don’t think death won’t happen to you – it will. Embrace it.


The effects of medical technology

With medical advances doctors can keep many people alive who previously would not have been able to live. But just because we can do something, it doesn’t mean we should. Ordinary people should be able to decide whether they do or don’t want certain types of medical care.


Be prepared

The important thing is that you discuss your wants with your loved ones or whoever you want to make decisions for you. Our questionnaire here can help to start conversations around choices and what you would or wouldn’t want. It’s a great way to introduce the subject of your wants and needs gently, but honestly.

Even though it might be hard and even sad, people can approach end of their life with no regrets, with nothing left unsaid. That then has a huge effect on the people that continue to live, because their memories of you are complete. As difficult as it is, it can be beautiful and memorable.