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Choosing the right Residential Aged Care Facility.

Choosing an Aged Care Facility is an important consideration when it comes to your end of life planning. If – due to illness or injury – you need to be moved to a care facility, it will reduce overall stress on your loved ones if you have planned for this outcome.

So how do you find the right Residential Aged Care Facility for you? And what should you consider when looking?


Four key points to keep in mind

As a starting point, these are the key things you should keep in mind:

  • Costs – what are the financial obligations?
  • Services – will the facility be able to cater for my individual care needs?
  • Quality – how is the facility rated for their service?
  • Availability – will there be a place available if needed suddenly?


So where do I start?

Start by visiting My Aged Care – Find a Provider, choose a level of care and prepare a list based on your preferred locations.

At this point, you can refine the choices further depending on more specific needs (culture, specialisations etc) and finally you can review their list of fees and charges.


Mystery Shopping Time

Once you have a shortlist of places, visit a few with your partner, loved one or other trusted friend / advisor and check out the reality behind the glossy brochures and website images.

It is important you have a good feel for the people and places that may play such a vital role in your future care and happiness.


What to ask

Before you go, make a list of questions that include things that are important to you. Consider questions that cover a resident’s medical care needs of ‘low’ to ‘high’, such as:

  • How often and when can family and friends visit?
  • Are there organised outings?
  • Can you freely leave on your own to go out?
  • Are there different levels of accommodation dependant on needs?
  • Do they have a dementia ward – and can you see it?

If your partner would consider joining you if you needed to be moved into the facility – can they? How would it work if you needed 24hr care, but they didn’t?

Don’t be afraid to ask to view kitchens, common areas etc. and stop and speak to staff and/or residents – do they seem happy / well cared for?

For more information on this important subject, why not read our article titled: 7 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Aged Care Facility.

How to Choose the Right Aged Care Facility for you.