Advance Care Plan

Why do I need an Advance Care Plan?

An Advance Care Plan shows others what medical care you want and don’t want in the event you cannot communicate for yourself.

An Advance Care Plan (ACP) captures your end-of-life wishes. It gives your family and doctors clear permission to make decisions about medical treatment in line with your preferences.

How it Works

Create your personal Advance Care plan (ACP) and tell others about the quality and type of medical care you would prefer at the end of your life. In a medical emergency your plan will guide your family and doctors to care for you the way you want them to.

It’s easy to complete the questionnaire and share it with people you trust!

Follow the steps below to create your free Advance Care Plan.


Register for an account. It’s free and secure and gives you access to create your own Advance Care Plan or Living Will.


Complete your personal questionnaire outlining the medical treatment you want and do not want at the end of your life.


Share your Advance Care Plan with your family, friends, GP and solicitor so they have permission to fulfill your wishes about medical care.

About our Advance Care Plans

Touchstone Life Care’s innovative online guide will capture your personal medical choices and share them with the people you trust.

Your final wishes are safely and securely stored on Australian Servers and you can easily edit and share your personal Advance Care Plan (ACP) with your family, friends and other important professionals such as your GP and Solicitor.

Creating an Advance Care Plan lets you decide the medical treatment you receive- even if you cannot speak. Because if you don’t decide who will?

Safe and Secure

We store your info in a secure service and share it only with the people or services you name.

Easy To Use

It’s free and easy to complete by yourself or with a family member. It will take around 20 minutes.

Always Accessible

Easily share your Advance Care Plan with family, friends and doctors. It’s instantly accessible, 24/7, anywhere around the world.

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