Oxygen, Breathlessness and Shortness of Breath

Patients who are in bed for long periods of time are prone to pneumonia and therefore shortness of breath

They may become restless, agitated or confused  if there is a  lack of oxygen in their blood.

This video shows step by step instructions to using oxygen masks, nasal prongs and Ventolin.

Techniques to help someone breath more easily:

  1. Sit the person upright to improve air entry into their lungs
  2. Place a small fan in front of their face to stimulate their breathing.
  3. Use oxygen masks or nasal prongs attached to an oxygen cylinder.


How to Use An Oxygen Mask

  1. The doctor will organise for an oxygen cylinder to be delivered to your home
  2. Place the oxygen mask over the head to cover both mouth and nose
  3. Attach the other end of the tube to the oxygen cylinder


How to Use Nasal Prongs

  1. Put the nasal prongs into each nostril
  2. Loop the tube around the back of each ear
  3. Secure the tube beneath the chin
  4. Attach the other end of the tube to the oxygen cylinder
  5. Patients can still talk and eat while getting oxygen


How to use a Ventolin mask

  1. Similar to the oxygen mask but has a cylinder attached to the base for ventolin
  2. Unscrew the cylinder
  3. Place the amount of ventolin inside the cylinder
  4. Screw the cylinder back onto the mask
  5. Apply mask over the head, covering mouth and nose
  6. The doctor will tell you how much Ventolin to use