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Are you a Doctor, Nurse, Advisor or Doula? Do You Need to Assist Your Clients With Advance Care Plans?

No matter what you call it

No matter what you call it- an Advance Care Plan, Advance Care Directive, Management Plan, or a Living Will, all your clients aged 18 +  will benefit from a regularly updated Advance Care Plan.

But how can you fit all that into your busy day? Your role should not be about filling in the forms.

You are the expert with the information and guidance to help your clients make good decisions and to assist them to talk about their preferences with their family.


Advance Care Plan for your clients

Let Touchstone Life Care do the work you don’t have time to do. We provide an easy to use, click and share questionnaire to create a comprehensive and personalised plan for your clients and patients. They can start it at home, flag any questions and ask you later.

Our automated reminders, secure storing, sharing, and accessing minimises family conflict and guides the treating medical team to act in accordance with your clients’ wishes during a sudden deterioration or crisis. No more illegible scribble, lost or missing forms.  No more plans gone astray because the Emergency Department could not contact family members, or the Residential Aged Care Facility, or your office to get a copy of the plan you’ve agreed on.


Your client defines what an acceptable quality of life means

With Touchstone Life Care your client defines what an acceptable or unacceptable quality of life means for them. By thinking about and listing their own values. There is a Knowledge Base of information including FAQs so they can make informed choices. They can save and exit the questionnaire at any time, flagging questions and making notes to ask you about later.

After answering as much of the questionnaire as they can at home (this usually takes 15 minutes or less) your patients will be encouraged to talk and share their completed plan with you, their Substitute Decision Maker(s), and with their loved ones.

There are articles and educational videos about palliative care, home vigils, planning a funeral, finances, staying healthy, and a glossary.


Giving power back to patients to choose their medical care

Touchstone Life Care believes in giving power back to patients to choose the medical care they want for a dignified authentic life.

And while we know it’s a good idea for your clients why not spend a quick 15 minutes here to get your own affairs in order? Then you’ll know for yourself how quick and easy it is to use. Got more questions? Email us at info@touchstonelifecare.com

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