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Why doctors need your Advance Care Plan

Hospitals and verbal communication

Hospitals are a place where verbal communication goes to die. This is unfortunately a common truth – our modern health care system is incredible and helps many people every day, but it is also a place where people’s wishes can be missed in and people can become caught in the system.




You need to talk the language of the doctors and the hospitals

If you want your wishes to be respected, you need to talk the language of the doctors and the hospitals. And that is digital and electronic. Instructions need to be in the patient’s notes, where everybody can see it. And that is electronic too. If doctors have your Advance Care Plan on hand, they can act on it. But if it’s not right there for them to see, they’ll have to abide by the status quo, no matter how far away it is from what you would want!

You can create an Advance Care Plan online easily. 

This is why I created Touchstone Life Care. With our online service, you can create an Advance Care Plan online easily. It produces an electronic document of your wishes. This can be kept on your phone, emailed to your GP, emailed to the hospital, and to anyone else you need. Everybody you choose can have access to it in an instant, because it’s not in a file in someone’s desk somewhere.

So create an Advance Care Plan today, and talk with you family and GP about it as well. Your family will thank you for it.